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Do you enjoy meeting new people, making friends and great networks? Then our in-person events are the perfect opportunity for you to do so. You get to enjoy light hearted conversations and laughter with other singles, alongside interesting activities like a delicious meal, movie, painting session,  or coffee and wine tasting and so much more. If you feel these unique gatherings pique your interest, make your selection below, fill in the form and we shall contact you with information about our monthly gatherings.


Have no plans for the week? Why not sign up for our confidential virtual events and enjoy great conversations and laughter with other singles, in the comfort of your home. If you feel these unique gatherings pique your interest, then fill in the form, and a scheduled meeting link with your coded name shall be shared in your email. Remember no names, no videos, full confidentiality!


Are you looking for a serious relationship but have no time to look or are tired of looking? Then our private matchmaking service is exactly what you need. Submit your form as well as a recent photo then we shall give you a call at a convenient date and time, get to know you, share options with you, match you with someone, and plan for your date. Your profile and photographs will be kept confidential and would only ever be shared with hand picked, potential matches


JOIN FREE TODAY – As A Bide Member

Join Partnered for free today as a bide member! If you become a Bide member we do not actively search for matches for you, but we can use you as a match for a full fee paying member. Your profile and photographs will be kept confidential and would only ever be shared with hand picked, potential matches, all of whom are personally interviewed and carefully vetted fee paying members.


Relationships don’t just happen on their own.  Our expectations are not the reality on the ground, unless we work at it. A wedding is an interview. A honeymoon is an internship or probation period. The marriage is the job. Each “team” needs to establish:- a “culture”, values and a game plan; – areas of responsibility and boundaries,- communication, negotiation, and reward strategies. If left to chance, the likelihood is that it will not work for at least one member of the team – leaving only one member in the marriage.

Why is this important, you ask? A bad relationship with a spouse can lead to heightened stress loads, self destructive behaviours and general unhappiness at home, which should be your safe space.
Stress leads to physical & mental distress which, in turn lowers functionality, affects direction and motivation.
Physical and mental distress creates a vicious cycle that can affect your immune system, leave you with mind fogginess, weight gain/loss, sleep and mood disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure….

A good, safe relationship can protect you from all this discomfort while improving well being and life satisfaction. Wouldn’t that be worth working towards?
Get a roadmap to more fulfilling relationships and partnerships with the important people in your life so you can protect your own wellness and health. 
Get your marriage back on track. Come in for a chat and we will work out a plan.


Learn how to present yourself in society with Faith, who is a Certified Image Consultant and Etiquette Coach. You will have a confidence boosting personal session where you will learn the power of good first impressions, what clothes suit you as well as which fork and knife to use incase that confuses you. 

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