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Who we are

Faith E. Nabaggala – Founder; Partnered Image & Etiquette Coach, CEO; Gala Image Consulting, Founder; The Women’s Getaway

Elizabeth Kibuka Musoke – Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist. Specialties in Individuals, Couples, Adolescents & Children

Faith E. Nabaggala the Founder of Partnered, is an Image & Etiquette Coach in Uganda, and a romantic at heart. She believes in the power of great connections and the opportunities they create; friendship, business and maybe a spark or two.

With her proven background in training her clients on how to create good first impressions and positive personal brands, Faith lives and breathes her passion for helping people to become the best of version of themselves and a good relationship is the icing on the cake.

Elizabeth Kibuka Musoke is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Kampala, Uganda. She has worked in both Norway and Uganda. She lived in Norway (21 years) and France (10 years) and speaks both Norwegian and French.

Part of her speciality is to help individuals to examine their couple life with the intention of improving its functionality and intimacy, re-evaluate partnerships while working on personal growth, intimacy and sexual problems, communication
& parental support.

Her vast experience is of great significance during the matchmaking process where a lot of though is put into making suitable and profound connections.

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